Post Study Work Permit (PSWP)

Canadian Immigration System allows the International Students to work after the completion of their studies. And this program is named as Post Graduate Work Permit Program. Once the International Student completes his or her study,then he or she may become eligible for the work permit. Furthermore, After completing the graduation students can apply for work permit with in 90 days for extending their stay in Canada. Moreover, on the basis of relevant full time paid experience, students could apply for Permanent residency.

In Canada graduate students can apply for Work Permit through Labour Market Impact Assessment. The LMIA demands on employer to disclose that there is no Canadian who could fill the position then company hires a International student. If the student completes one year program in Canadian College or University then he gets one year full time work permit. But if the student completes two or three years program in Canadian Institution then he gets three years work permit. This time period is given to them for work permit, so that they can utilize it to gain work experience in the domain which suits their profile. In the given time may gain the proficiency in their relevant field which enhances their professional skills which could be useful while applying for PR.

Requirements for Post Study Work Permit

In order to secure post graduate work permit student must fulfill these given requirements:

  • Must at least be 18 years of age or more.
  • Have undertaken full time study program in Canada with minimum duration of 8 months.
  • Have transcripts, certificates or official letter which confirms that student has completed the program.
  • Have graduated from:

  • Public post-secondary school such as a college or university.
  • Private post-secondary schools such as a college or university that operates under same rules like public schools.
  • Apply for work permit with in the 90 days after the completion of study.
  • Have a study permit while applying for the work permit.