Accommodation in Canada for international students

Flying to a foreign country is the toughest time in the life of a student and searching for a roof is a wearying task ever. But the initial time and effort paid on the hunt has its worth and can prove to be beneficial for the entire student’s stay because it has a direct influence on stress, satisfaction, and study. Depending on their needs and financial position, students can find accommodation both on-campus and off-campus in Canada.

Off-campus accommodations

Many students arrange temporary accommodation before even landing in Canada, which is the right thing to do because finding suitable accommodation may take a couple of weeks. Moreover, staying initially with friends or relatives is beneficial because it provides much-needed cushion and comfort to students who do not have any clue about the country.


Many times, when students arrive in Canada, they rent basements to save money or GIC amount. Also, at this point, they do not have a job and credit history. So, they prefer to live in the basement until they find a job.

Shared accommodations

Another cheap accommodation option is shared accommodation or hostels. Students can find shared accommodation online on a website like Airbnb. While searching for this type of accommodations, students should make sure that they have access to free or cheap laundry because every load of washing or drying will cost them 2-3 dollars. Many times, these accommodations come with kitchens, which is a plus point.


A homestay is an excellent choice for students who look for a homely, furnished, and comfortable environment. In a homestay, food is usually good and sometimes students get a chance to try different cuisines. Also, it provides the opportunity to understand the native culture and improve English.

Independent apartment

An Independent apartment is a good option for those who do not like interference in their life. One can bring friends and do parties without any interference of the property owner. Of course, the price depends upon the location of the apartment, but usually one can find them at a reasonable price.

The best way to find a homestay or apartment

The best way to find a homestay or apartment is to have patience and ask friends, teachers, and local people. Students can check classified ads, bulletin boards, both online and offline or they can visit a rental agency to find a decent place. Although, taking the help of a rental agency will put some extra financial burden, but it will save a lot of time and energy.

On-Campus accommodation

On-Campus accommodation means living on the premises in dormitories/townhouses. The cost of living on-campus may vary between institutions. Before taking an on-campus room, students must check whether the institutes cover the expense of everyday meal because usually Canadian institutions do not include the meal cost in it. Also, sometimes institutes make it compulsory to take a meal plan.

The number one advantage of living on-campus is that students live close to classes. Sometimes it is extremely cold in Canada, residing nearby to institution makes it more accessible for students to attend lectures. Secondly, students make new friends while living on-campus, which is good for networking. Thirdly, there are many activities that take place on the campus providing wonderful experiences to on-campus students.

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