Canadian Student

Canada has become the most popular study destination for Indian students now a days. Two of its official languages i.e English and French give International students an opportunity to learn new languages as well. Canadian lifestyle resembles the living style of most of the western nations. The people of Canada are known for their polite, friendly & welcoming nature and high standard of living. Following are the new things that you should consider before choosing Canada as your study destination.

1. Different Culture

Moving into a new country may seem exciting but still there are many things that must be going on in your mind before shifting. You may get strong emotional effect on moving to a new place but slowly you will get used to the new country and its living style. You must take some time to adjust in the new environment, culture and nation. If you don't want to get surprised with the cultural difference then it is best to search about the Canadian culture in advance and pack some of your family pictures so as to feel comfortable and avoid being homesick.

2. Check List for Pre-Departure

It is very important for an international student to have pre-departure list before moving to Canada. There are many things which you need to arrange before moving to Canada, like accommodation, insurance, arrange someone who can come and pick you from airport, etc.

3. Accomodation in Canada

As an International student, you can find accommodation for yourself in University/College campus or even in private accommodation. The accommodations which are specially for students offer special meal plans and some other facilities such as laundry, cleaning, Wi-Fi, etc. Different cities have different costs of accommodation.

4. Climate and Clothes that you Need

Canada has four seasons which are : Spring (March to May), Summer (June-August), Fall (September to October) and Winter (November-February). Canadian winters are pretty cold and temperature goes down upto -15 degree celsius, which can be difficult for an Indian student to adjust. So it is better to pack woollen clothes to keep yourself warm.

5. Part-Time Job

International students in Canada are granted to do part time job for 20 hours per week and earn some valuable Canadian dollars for day to day expenses. But before starting any job, check your visa and other immigration documents to make sure that it allows you to work in the country. Because without permission, it will be illegal to work and can also lead to deportation.

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6. Scholarship Opportunities

Canadian Universities offer various scholarships to the International students. So, it is your responsibility to ask your consultant or agent for scholarship opportunities when you apply for any particular course.

7. Insurance

Insurance is mandatory for students who are applying for student visa. It takes into account any kind of medical expenses which a student suffers during his/her stay in Canada. Usually, student doesn't have to buy the health insurance separately, as it is already included in the tuition fees. But student has to buy travel insurance which covers his/her loss in case of baggage lose with electronic items such as phone, camera, laptop etc.

Dos and Don'ts

International students must follow certain rules to maintain the law and order of Canada to adjust in foreign ambience.

  • Try to limit your drinking habits to private spaces as it may lead to some troubles. The reason behind this is that drinking in public places is prohibited all over Canada.
  • Usually, Canadians respect their national flag and they consider the disrespect of their national flag as a personal affront. So, don't try to show the flag in poor light.
  • Even the sign boards to greet guests are also in French language in Canada. So, you must learn French language in order to adjust in Canadian environment.