Affordable Countries

Business is the most global career choice, so number of students looking to pursue MBA programs abroad are also increasing. While considering study abroad, cost of study is the most crucial factor. MBAs from the US and UK are the most coveted countries to pursue MBA, but it seems like a daunting prospect when it comes to the cost of tuition and living expenses. Students can apply for student loan to pay off post the completion of their degree.

The tuition fee of MBA in UK and US Colleges is very high so students start looking for affordable fee structure for MBA programs. So, if you are looking for MBA in other countries, then you must also ensure that the education you receive is of a certain quality and standard. So, the primary costs like the tuition fee and the cost of living are important factors while looking for cheaper MBA programs abroad.

Students, who opt for higher studies in the UK or the US as their destination for MBA degree, end up with the most expensive university educations across the globe. So, to help you in planning the best country for study abroad, we have set a list of countries which offer quality education at very reasonable fee that won't leave you struggling with student loans.

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More than 40 ranked Universities are present in Germany. Additionally, 9 of the top 100 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017 are also present in Germany. The tuition cost in Germany is very low as it is just a fraction of the cost of an education in the UK or the US. While the living cost is very higher in Germany than other countries, so the fees of Germany is still balances this out to a great extent.


Some of the world's best Universities are present in Sweden. The education system of Sweden is considered as one of the best in the world. Even the Times Higher education and The Academic Ranking of World Universities have given high ranking to Swedish Universities. The education system of Sweden is of very high quality which offers world-class education in very affordable fee structure.


The Polish education system is well-developed and advanced. Although there is a language barrier in Poland, yet many programs are taught in English. So, Poland is in favorite list of International students for MBA.


Education System in Latvia aims to show the diverse range of study options to International students. Latvia offers many choices in programs so students can choose program according to their interest. Moreover, degrees from institutes of Latvia are globally acknowledged. So, international students prefer Latvia instead of the UK and the US. Students have many opportunities in Latvia because it is economically rich country. So, Latvia is also a good country for getting International MBA degree.


France is one of the most favoured destinations for International students who are looking to pursue MBA program abroad. It is relatively easy to settle in France as this country has a vibrant and diverse student population. If you know the native language of France, then it is more beneficial for you. France appreciates the young talent in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors. So, the experience gained in educational institutes of France will give your curriculum vitae a competitive edge.

There are several more countries that offer MBA at very reasonable fee. But students are advised to ensure that both the program as well as the city are relevant to your interest. A half-baked plan may create financial problems for you in future.