Apps For Students

To get an international degree is the dream of many students. Almost every year, thousands of international students flock to abroad for their better future. Students must be familiar with mobile apps which actually provide a one-way solution for users to have fun and stay connected with their friends. Students must download the relevant apps which can assist them with travel. Students can get adjustment tips for starting their new life in foreign country. So, one must download these famous apps before landing on the foreign land:

1. Whats App

WhatsApp is the most famous and commonly used app in the modern era. People of all age groups know how to operate this app. It is a free international text messaging app which is very easy to use. You can send messages to anyone through this mobile app if you have an internet connection. Moreover, you don't need any kind of SMS fees in this app. This app respects the privacy of every user so it encrypts each message so that nobody can read your message without your consideration. Additionally, with the options of send picture and share documents, you can interact with your family even when you are miles away. If you have any desire to see your family member then you can use 'video call' feature of WhatsApp. So, International students are free to contact their families at any time with this app.

2. Google Translate

If you are travelling to another country then Google Translate is the most important app that you should download. The reason behind it is that you may forget any word in the different country so you must have an alternative in order to avoid any awkward situation. Moreover, if you don't know the spelling of that particular word then 'Google Translate' offers you facility to speak that word. Then, you will get alternatives of that particular word with its translation. The one more wonderful aspect of this app is that its feature to visually translate. For example, if you go at any place with your friends and don't understand any important content, then all you have to do is to capture that picture in your phone and you will get translated content according to your language of choice.

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3. Uber

In foreign ambience, there is a regular need to visit from one place to another and International students don't have any convenience in the foreign. So, they should be quite aware of the Uber and other transportation apps to get from one point to another. Moreover, Uber also offers feature to split a ride between your friends by which you can share the cost of transportation with your friends. Companies like Uber sets a high standard for all drivers keeping the safety of customers in mind. So, students must download this app to travel within the foreign country.

4. Messanger

If you are travelling to another country for the first time for higher studies then it is natural that you feel intimidating to be away from your hometown. Facebook messenger app is a great way to stay in touch with the family and friends. This app allows you to stay in touch with your family as well as friends. To operate this app, user must have an internet connection. So, keep your family near you through this app and stay happy on foreign land also.

5. Google Map

If you are travelling in another country then Google Map is the best app for you as it offers satellite imagery and real time traffic conditions. It also offers street maps and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle etc. So, students must download this app to settle down on foreign land easily.


It may be very difficult for the International students to navigate. So, these five apps will definitely help International students to settle down in foreign country.