Best Study Destination

If you are planning to study abroad then it is important to self observe before taking the step. It is important to take a strong decision before heading forward. In the contemporary-era, students all around the globe have various options when it comes to study abroad. But many western countries are offering higher education to International students and it is very difficult to choose the best one. So, here is the list of top 6 destinations for the students who want to study abroad for their better future.

1. USA

Latest report of QS world University ranking states that United States of America is the best for higher education. It provides courses in various different fields, therefore a student can choose program as per his/her interest. Following are the few reasons for choosing United States of America as a study destination.

  • The educational institutes of USA offer wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses to the international students. The degrees acquired from these Universities are globally acknowledged.
  • The American higher education system provides time to the students so that they can explore their interests.
  • The degrees acquired from USA broadens the scope of career path that a student has chosen.
  • Universities provide research and training opportunities at graduate level to the international students. U.S is known for its advancement in the field of technology.

2. United Kingdom

According to the world university rankings of 2015-2016, United Kingdom is the home to the top three universities out of ten. A degree acquired from educational institute is globally acknowledged by employers and universities. Following are the reasons that why one should study in UK.

  • The UK is very popular study destination and is known for providing the quality education. The quality of research is regularly assessed in order to check that it meets the set benchmarks. In fact, QAA i.e. Quality Assurance Agency for higher education undertake the audit responsibility to check the quality of education provided at the university.
  • The Universities of United Kingdom offer wide range of choices in the courses. You can choose from more than 1,50,000 programs.

3. Australia

There are several inspiring reasons that will make you wish to study in Australia. Currently, the country is considered among top 3 study destinations for Indian students. Australia offers a unique education experience to the international students. Moreover, there are many institutions which are ranked by the QS world university ranking. There are bunch of reasons for considering Australia as a study destination.

  • Australian education system focus on practical aspects of the education.
  • Australia is known for adopting new technologies at a faster rate compared to the other countries.
  • Australian degrees are acknowledged all around the world. In fact, most of the courses and training which are undertaken by the students are covered by AQF, i.e. Australian Qualification Framework.
  • Australia is a multicultural country with safe and friendly society. International students are given great care and comfortable environment which helps them in adjusting to the Australian way of life.

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4. Canada

Canada attracts more than 30,000 international students every year from all over the world. International students find Canada as one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world. Following are the reasons that makes Canada a ideal study destination for indian students.

  • Canada is known for its high quality of education which states that the education opens up the doors of success.
  • In Canada, one finds multicultural environment as students come here from all around the world. Being a bilingual country, it offers excellent opportunity to learn different language and boost your career.
  • The degrees acquired from Canadian educational institutes are acknowledged all around the world.
  • The Canadian government provides work opportunity to students who have completed post secondary diploma from Canadian educational institute. This is the best way to continue their stay in the country.
  • The Canadian government offers various scholarship opportunities to the international students.
  • The top reason of studying here is the quality of education. Canadian Colleges and Universities offers programs in various different fields and also provides research oriented programs.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand is a great place for international students as it has an excellent quality of life and brilliant educational facilities. Even though there are several countries which offer education facilities to the international students but still New Zealand provides remarkable opportunities to them. Following are the reasons that makes New Zealand a ideal study destination for indian students.

  • As per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings there are 7 universities of New Zealand which have secured their position among top 500 universities of the world.
  • The universities of New Zealand are very well reputed for offering theoretical as well as practical knowledge.
  • If the duration of your course is more than 3 month then you need a students visa to study in New Zealand. The visa process of New Zealand is upgraded from time to time to make it more student friendly.
  • New Zealand has been ranked 2nd out of 163 countries by the Global Peace Index 2017 for state of peace. It offers a sense of security to all the international students in the country.

6. Germany

Germany is an attractive place to study. Moreover, degrees are globally acknowledged and respected by the employers worldwide. Following are the reasons which state why Germany is the best study destination for indian students.

  • German Universities rank among the best in the work and have excellent teaching and research facilities. As an international student you will get an opportunity to earn internationally renowned degree and gives you excellent job chances.
  • Germany offers wide range of courses in applied sciences and also provides practice-oriented options. Almost all the programs include theoretical as well as practical knowledge. This really helps in boosting your career opportunities.
  • In Germany students get to develop their intellectual abilities and personal skills which boosts the self confidence.
  • Germany is a safe country comparative to other nations. You can freely move around the town or countryside, during day or night time.