Canada’s efforts to accommodate international students amid coronavirus

Canada’s efforts to accommodate international students amid coronavirus

Canada’s efforts to accommodate international students amid coronavirus

Since the coronavirus pandemic has started, the government of Canada has taken a number of initiatives to help international students to cope with this menace. Currently, there are around 6,40,000 international students in Canada who are studying across the country. The international students are essential for Canada’s growth as they contribute around $22 billion to its economy every year and support around 2,00,000 Canadian jobs. Here are the various steps that were taken by the government of Canada to help international students.

Financial Aid

Many students lost their jobs due to Covid-19, the government of Canada has set up Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) to provide the affected with temporary income support. Through this initiative, international students who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to receive $500 a week for up to 16 weeks. Also, the government has announced that students who have taken the study load will get an interest-free break from payment for six months.

Implied status

Giving further relaxation to international students, the government has announced that applicants whose decisions on extension of study or work permit is pending may continue to work or study. It means international students may continue working or study in Canada as per the conditions of their original permit while the authorities decide on their application.

Extension to complete immigration application

Understanding the hardship that Canada study aspirants are facing currently, IRCC is accepting most of the immigration applications even if they are not complete and has given additional 90 days so that the applicants can complete all the steps.

Permission to work fulltime for essential services

recognizing the role of international students in its fight against the covid-19, the country has allowed international students to work fulltime for essential services that include, Energy and utilities, Information and Communication Technologies, Finance, Health, Food, Water, Transportation, Safety, Government, Manufacturing. Typically, international students can work for 20 hours a week during their study program in Canada.

No change in PGWP on opting to start courses online

Due to the pandemic, the airline services of the entire world have been affected. Consequently, students who have enrolled themselves for May and June intakes could not reach Canada to start their classes. Giving a breather to them, the Canadian government has announced that the students with a valid study permit might start their courses from home. the government further said that if they choose to do so, it will not have any effect on their PSWP duration.

PR Opportunities

It has also been observed in recent years, that the IRCC is giving more opportunities to international students to settle down permanently. Canadian government considers international students as ideal candidates for PR.

The efforts that Canada has been taking to accommodate international students will be seen in a positive light. It shows the country’s commitment to international students. Indeed, these steps will increase the confidence of international students. In the coming months, the effect of COVID-19 is expected to minimize after which we might see more international students enrolling themselves in upcoming intakes.