Good Study Destination

Canadian degrees, diplomas and certificates are acknowledged best by Multinational companies, academic circles and government all around the globe. Along with this Canada offers high standards of living and since 1994 it has been ranked among top 10 places in the world. During a survey, the United Nations gave particularly high marks to Canada for its access to lifestyle, low crime rate and high education standards.

Traditionally, Canada has been a country of immigrants and also inspires a multicultural environment. Canadians have always encouraged learning together and also respects the perspectives of people from other origins. Because of this reason food and culture of various different countries is available in Canada. One can easily access clubs and associations which represents the ethnic background of various nations. Moreover, Canadians give high value to their environment. They have 42 national parks in the country which are located in every territory and province. Few of these national parks are acknowledged as UNESCO world heritage sites.

Reasons why Canada is the best study destination for international students

Quality of education

Canada provides high quality education which has led many international students to choose it as their study destination. Canadian degrees, diplomas and certificates are globally acknowledged by Multinational Companies and government. In fact, according to the international ranking the degrees of Canadian, Australian, the UK and the USA are equally recognized all around the world.

Less expensive

Every international student who wishes to study abroad starts the process by considering the tuition fee because this is the most significant hurdle when planning to study in a foreign country. The tuition fee for international students in Canada is much higher than for the domestic students. It is predicted that the tuition fee for an international student pursuing undergraduate program in Canada starts from CAD 15,000 per year. Which is quite low when compared with the institutes of U.S, Australia and the United Kingdom. There are other expenses like rent, food, transport, etc., which student needs to look after being in Canada.

The living expenses for international students in Canada are affordable compared to that of other countries. Following is the approximate average tuition fee and living expenses of top educational destinations for international students:

  • Canada: $29,947 (USD)
  • United States: $36,564 (USD)
  • United Kingdom: $35,045 (USD)
  • Australia: $42,093 (USD)

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Availability of part time jobs

In spite of being an affordable country, studying abroad can be expensive. Therefore, the Canadian government has granted international students to do part time job for 20 hours per week during sessions and full time i.e. 40 hours per week during vacations. This helps students to earn some valuable money and handle their day to day expenses.

You may not require an work permit if you are on a student visa and your visa states whether you are allowed to work off campus or not.

Safe country

Canada is one of the safest and peaceful place all around the globe. It has been noticed that from 1993 to 2003 the crime rate in the country has constantly decreased as the government has strictly controlled the firearms. In spite of being safe in the country, being in abroad, you should still follow the safety precautions as mentioned below:

  1. In case of any emergency or if you notice any crime, you are advised to immediately call on 911. This is the central number to reach fire, police and ambulance throughout the country.
  2. It is advised not to put headphones when walking alone and keep a check or be careful about what is going on all around you. It is better not to choose isolated roads during the night and have someone to company. But in case you have to travel alone than just be confident and plan your way before leaving.
  3. As per country rules, your ID or passport will be required if you are out for a visit to bar or to buy alcohol. Do not take drinks offered by unknown people in the club or bar. There is the possibility of date rape drugs added into the drink.
  4. Several drugs such as GHB, marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and heroin are illegal in Canada. So don't take any such risk because international student caught taking such drugs can be deported.

Option to become a permanent resident

You get a temporary status, i.e. Study Visa when you travel abroad for your higher studies. And usually the student visa expires as soon as you complete your study course. Which means that you are supposed to travel back to your country after the completion of your studies.

But there are many courses in Canada, which are specially designed in such a way that you can apply for Permanent Residence after studies. You are given an opportunity to apply for Post-graduation work permit which gives you the permission to continue work on an work permit and gain some valuable Canadian work experience. There are other options like Provincial Nominee streams and Federal economic immigration stream which offers additional points as per your work and academic experience while applying for permanent residence.

Bilingual Nation

Canada has two official languages, i.e. English and French. Almost 75 percent of French speaking Canadians live in Quebec but there are French speakers throughout the country. In 2001, it was predicted that French is the mother tongue of 81 percent of the population in Canada. Along with this it is found that over 1 billion people speak English internationally. Therefore, being a bilingual nation, Canada has offered programs like ESL and FSL i.e. English as a second language and French as a second language for those who wish to learn either of them.