Canada’s new International Education Strategy and its impact on International Students

Canada’s New International Education Strategy and its impact on International Students

Canada’s International Education Strategy and its impact on Students

Canada considers international education as a critical driver for its prosperity, specifically in the areas of business, innovation, labor market, and human capital development. One of the significant contributors to the Canadian economy is international students who spent approximately $21.6 billion on tuition, accommodation, and other expenditure in 2018 alone. Therefore, one should not be surprised that Canada would like to capitalize on its education system by giving more opportunities to international students. Therefore, Canada has introduced its new International Education Strategy. Why it matters and how it impacts international students is what we have discussed below.

Why International Education matters to Canada?

Canada aims to attract the best brains

To support its science, technology, and innovation agendas, Canada needs highly skilled and learned people who can work along with other intellectuals. For this matter, Canada aims to attract the best brains from all around the world through internationalizing Canada’s education by means of international partnerships and exchange programs.

To acquire a global perspective

The second aim of Canada is to help its citizens adopt a global perspective, which in turn will strengthen its global affairs and business tie-ups.

To boost the Canadian economy

When students go and study in other countries, they spend a substantial amount of money on accommodation, tuition fees, and entertainment, and creates more jobs. As stated above last year in 2018, international students spent around $21.6 billion.

To back its immigration and labor market strategy

Canada is a vast country that is right now experiencing a labor shortage. Its international education strategy is well by its immigration and labor market strategy that has the target of gradually raising its immigration rate to 1% of its population by 2030.

What is in International Education Strategy?

Although a large number of international students come to Canada from all around the world, the highest contributors are China and India. in the new International education strategy, Canada aims to diversify international students more. It does not mean that in the future, students from India and China will get fewer opportunities to study in Canada. In the IES, its specifically mentioned that India and China would remain significant sources of international students. To achieve diversification of international students, Canada will use targeted marketing strategy to promote Canada’s education brand and provide additional scholarships to international students.

In addition to that Canada also wants to extend the presence of its educational services in foreign countries by providing more significant support to its education clients Further, Canada also aims to provide Canadian students opportunities to study in other countries so that they can familiarize themselves with different social, cultural, and technological aspects and then help Canada in improving global relations and trade tie-ups.

What does it mean to International students?

Here are some of the most significant benefits of IES to international students.

More opportunities for international students

Canada’s new international education strategy will bring more opportunities to international students, including students from India and China. In addition to this, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada will Modernize its process to make study in Canada easier. Further, it will take initiatives to introduce Student Direct Stream to more countries.

More scholarships opportunities

Canada is going to introduce more scholarship opportunities for international students and consolidating existing scholarships to strengthen its narrative.

More work and PR opportunities

The Canadian government believes that international students can significantly contribute to the Canadian economy by providing their services to Canadians. The government further recognizes them as the most suitable candidates for permanent residency.

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