Canada Student Visa

The easiest way for a student to get a Canada student visa is through Student Direct Stream. SDS is a process that streamlines the visa procedure for students who want to study in Canada. It was launched by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to make the entire visa process easier for the students of China, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines. If you too want to study in the world-class universities and colleges of Canada then you will require the following documents for a Canada student visa.

Study Permit

To study in Canada Under SDS program, you will need a Study Permit. A Canadian study permit is not a visa It is a licence which allows the student to study in Canada. for a study permit generally, you need an acceptance letter, your identity proof, and enough financial support of your parents. These documents along with other Canada Student Visa requirements are explained here.

Acceptance letter from a DLI

Designated learning Institutions are the institutions in Canada that have approval from the Canadian government to entertain international students. All the primary and secondary level schools in Canada are DLIs, and many post-secondary Institutes are designated as DLIs by provincial and territorial governments where International students can study.

Before applying for a Canada study visa, you will require a letter of acceptance from a DLI where you want to pursue your post-secondary study. The letter of acceptance incorporates the information that facilitates Canada study visa process.

Proof of Identity

You will require a valid passport for Canada study visa and it must have the validity to cover the entire duration of your course. Also, you also need passport size photos with your name and DOB behind them. Usually, two passport size photos are required.

Financial Support

It is difficult to sustain in a foreign land without sufficient financial support. To ensure students do not face any hardship in Canada, the Canadian government asks evidence of financial support.

You will have to purchase a GIC certificate. GIC stands for guaranteed investment certificate which ensures you have sufficient funds to live in Canada at least for a year. In addition to that, you will require proof of the paid tuition fees. You also have to reveal that you have enough money to return back to your home country.

Letter of Explanation

The letter of explanation is required to facilitate the visa authorities to understand your intent to study in Canada. you will also have to mention in the letter that you understand the responsibilities of a student and will abide by the law of the land.

For Quebec region, you will require a “Certificat d’acceptation du Québec” issued by the Quebec government.

Immigration Medical Examination

You will also need to go through your complete medical checkup and for this, you will have to take an appointment with an empanelled doctor. You must take the appointment at least a week before applying for Canada Student Visa because sometimes it takes time to complete the process. The doctor would send your report to CIC.


For a Canada student visa, you will need to clear the International English Language Test. Canadian institutes require a minimum of 6.5 bands (overall) for post-secondary courses and minimum 6 bands in each module. The IELTS test marks the student’s English language proficiency.

Academic Documents

During the interview, you may need to provide proofs of your academic qualification. The interviewer may ask for your SAT, GRE, GMAT score if applicable. You may also need to provide other documents as per your case.

These were the most important documents that you will require when you apply for Canada Student Visa. As stated in the last paragraph for academic documents, you may need to provide additional documents for Canada student visa.