Canadian Education System

Canada is a dream-destination for International students, which offers a great variety of courses to the students. If you are thinking to take admission in Canadian College or University, you must have an overview of the Canadian Education System. It will help you in getting more informed decision and right steps to plan your higher studies on foreign land. Canadian Colleges and Universities offers a strong base of applied and academic programs to the International students. Canadian Institutes offers University degrees as well as College diploma and certificate programs. Moreover, these Universities and Colleges are distinguished by strong student support services, small classes and strong campus environments.


In Canadian Institutes, academic performance is measured in terms of 'grades' and 'grade point average' (GPA). Firstly, this performance is measured in percentage and then converted into grades. Both the grading system and GPA have some variations, which should be understood by non-Canadian students. Fro example, if two students have same GPA, but both are from different Universities, then their desired University may mark their scores differently according to the difference of their academic excellence of previous academic records.

Academic Year

In most of the Canadian Universities, the academic calendar begins in August/September and finishes in May/June. Mostly new students prefer to start their courses in autumn. Education in Canadian Colleges and Universities is provided in two terms per year, called 'semesters'. Some educational institutes use a three-term calendar, known as 'trimester'. Moreover, in Canadian institutes, there are periods of long break for students to travel home on vacation so that students from a long distance away can meet their families.

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Undergraduate courses in Canada

A student, who has not get her/his bachelor's degree is known as an undergraduate student. Mostly, duration of these courses is four years. In first two years, students have a variety of subjects like in arts, literature, history, science etc. These courses are also known as prerequisite courses. The main purpose of spending this time period on a course is to enable students to reach a certain standard of education with base on many types of subjects. The term 'major' in academic course represents the main specialization of your degree. For example, if you choose Mathematics as your major, then you will be awarded with a Bachelor of Science in Computers.

Graduate Courses in Canada

Students with undergraduate degree can think about graduate courses so get jobs in highly skilled sectors. General courses like MS computers take two years, Masters in Journalism take one year, MBA is of two years etc. In most of the Institutes, students have to prepare a detailed research paper called 'master's thesis' or 'master's project'.

Education System

Canada is one of the best countries in the world and among the main three nations which are spending per capita on public post-secondary education, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The education system in Canada is sub-divided into following parts:

  1. Certificate level (for a year)
  2. Diploma level, (one or two years)
  3. Advanced Diploma, (generally two or three-year programs)
  4. Bachelor degrees, (generally for four years)
  5. Post-graduate Diplomas/Certificates, (for one or two years)
  6. Master's degrees, available after a bachelor degree, (for one to two years)

Tips to make your Canada study visa application strong

The following checklist will ensure that your application is more impressive among other applicants:

  1. Good IELTS, GRE/GMAT score
  2. Academic grades in India
  3. Sufficient fund
  4. Self-written essay with not plagiarism.
  5. Good references and letters of recommendation
  6. On-time applying for application
  7. Guidance of experts

Education system of Canada is the main reason for flocking of International students towards Canada for higher studies. Canada is a wonderful destination for the students all across the globe, which offers world class education at very affordable rates. Get proper details of college or university, its education system and fees before taking admission in any educational Institutes.