Challenges faed by international students

Getting an international degree is the dream of many students but when it comes to leave the home to study abroad then it is a huge step for every student. Undoubtedly, Canada and India are poles apart but knowing about these differences before starting journey could help in overcoming the difficulties faced by Indian students. So, students can go with the right mindset before moving to seemingly unknown territory- Canada. Moving to a new country, especially alone to study can be exhilarating and overwhelming moment for the students.

Plethora of International students are migrating to Canada every year for their higher studies. The main reason behind it is that Canadian education system is among the best. Canada is a popular destination among the students who want to get international degree. Some Canadian Universities are ranked among the top 100 in the world. Additionally, Canadian government has cleared in budget that immigrants have an important role in improving the economy of Canada. So, there are better opportunities for the Canadian study visa aspirants. Moreover, Canada is investing lot of money on the immigrants to make their study intake successful and for their settlement in Canada.

Here are some challenges faced by Indian students in Canada during their study:

Weather for Indian Student

  • The average summer temperature in Canada is 20 degree C, whereas its average winter temperature is below 0 degree C. So, students from tropical and humid countries like India can suffer in starting due to this big change in weather. So, you are advised to ask someone who has lived there for more insight.
  • The amount of snowfall in different Canadian regions is different. Make sure that you have packed a few sweaters, shoes. It is advisable that you should buy heavier items like snow shoes, heavy jackets at your destination city which would reduce your luggage.

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Multicultural Environment

Canada is a land with multicultural environment. Students from all across the world come to study and settle here. Here you will get opportunity to interact with the people from different backgrounds and cultural traditions.


Share groceries like rice, cereal, frozen food etc in bulk with your roommates which would reduce your monthly grocery expenditure. Moreover, plethora of Indian restaurants are available in Canadian cities to fulfill your desire of eating home-style food. These restaurants are run by Indians who have settled there and know very well about your taste.

Adjustment according to new learning and teaching style

To adjust in Canadian learning and teaching style is very difficult for such students who have completed their schooling in India. It is because that teaching style of both countries is totally different. In most of the courses, students need to pass the final exam to clear the course. Canadian courses are more application-related than just being based on theory.

Part Time Work

Canada offers part time work opportunities to the International students while studying. Many universities itself offer student jobs on campus under Work-Study-Work-Learn (WSWL) program. Students can get information about open positions in the WSWL program from their faculty or academic advisor. Moreover, there are many jobs available off-campus as well. You can apply for internships or part-time jobs independently depending on interest and time available. For this, make sure that your visa documents are ready and up to date.

These are the main challenges that almost every International student probably faces in Canada. It takes more than just a few weeks for getting used to a new place. But if you have good friends, family by your side, have a strong determination and open mind, then it is definitely possible to adjust to the changes quickly.