Challenges that international students face in Canada

Challenges that international students face in Canada

Challenges that international students face in Canada

Most of the overseas study aspirants dream about Studying in a Canadian university and for this, they prepare for months and even for years, but for many students, adjusting in the foreign land is not that straightforward, and they face a variety of problems. Generally, the obstacles faced by them differ from the issues of domestic students; and the sad part is this in most of the cases they have no one near them who could help them. However, with little more awareness, they can easily tackle these problems and put their energy on their study goals and live a memorable life ahead.


Leaving behind family member is always tricky, even for brave hearts. For many, it happens to be their first chance to leave the comfort zones of their parents, and many of them remain unable to come back even once to meet their families.

In this era of internet and technology, students can easily remain in touch with their parents, family, or even with their friends. They can use platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Google duo to do video talk with them. Students will find it immensely satisfying if they talk at least once a day. Moreover, they will be able to concentrate more on their studies.

Weather and Climate

Canada is a big country, and its climate is as diverse as its land. Generally, the winters are long and cold, which may create problems for international students.

Indeed, Canada is a cold country, but the climate of all its provinces is not the same. The regions which touch US border enjoy all seasons, i.e., summer, winter, spring, and fall. Central Canada is hot and dry in summers, but mercury can drop to -25 degrees in winters. Of course, winters are longer and colder in Canada, but international students find it terrible. It is not bad weather; it is bad clothing, which makes them uncomfortable. They should wear clothes in layers and cover themselves adequately; moreover, most of the houses in Canada have a heating system.

Language barrier

Believe it or not, the number one problem that leads to many other issues is poor English language fluency. Without proper listening and speaking skills, international students face it difficult to understand and interact with others. Which lead to more problems such as fewer friends, isolation, and low academic marks.

English is widely spoken in Canada, and it is a fact that with poor English language skills, it is difficult to survive in Canada. Therefore, it is advisable to the students that they take their English language learning seriously. Prepare every module of The IELTS exam thoroughly. It will help a lot.


To study in Canada for students who come from underdeveloped countries may prove to be expensive because of the differences in the exchange rate. Generally, 1 CAD is quite costly than the currency of the same amount of underdeveloped countries.

Student can save a lot of money if they spend wisely; for example, they can use government transport facilities to commute to their institutes. They can even purchase a Student Travel Pass, which is a lot cheaper option for them. They can avoid eating out and prepare food on their own. Moreover, many institutes provide scholarships to international students. For this, they should check the website to which they are applying.

Adapting the Culture

The cultural diversity of Canada is as diverse as its land. Students who come from other countries may find their way of interaction and food bit weird.

It may look weird to some students, but the reality is that Canada is a vibrant country where people have been living together for a very long time. They come from various countries such as India, China, UK, Australia, USA, etc. Students will enjoy this vibrant multicultural experience when they find how friendly and supportive they are.


Some students find it challenging to find a shelter to stay in Canada during their study. They do not know who to meet and from where to start.

It may be right for areas where the population is high. Generally, students have a lot of options for accommodation in Canada. There are a lot of websites which are specifically meant for international students who come to Canada to complete their studies. Many education institutes also update information regarding accommodation on their websites. Students can share their room with other students, which is also a cost-effective way to survive in Canada.