Documents for canada

Among the top five nations to offer high-quality education to students from all across the globe, according to ICEF, Canada is the hub for many international students. Students from different countries need a study permit to pursue their higher study in Canada. So here in this article, you will get the list of must-have documents before travelling to Canada which is like a key component for your stay in Canada as an International student. Students must prepare these documents in advance to make their journey smooth.

It is strongly advised to check the validity of your passport when travelling to another country.

Eligibility to apply for Canadian Student permit

  • Student must have an offer letter from Canadian College or University.
  • Sufficient money is required to pay for tuition fees and living expenses as well.
  • Student should not have any criminal record.
  • Become intelligent enough to convince the immigration officer that you will return to your home country after the completion of your authorized stay.

Once you receive a study permit to study in Canada, then it's time to make preparations to travel. Prepare a checklist of the required documents before starting your preparation and once you have prepared all the documents, then you are ready to move!

Valid Passport

Make sure that your passport has enough validity to complete your academic course in Canada. If your passport doesn't have validity for the required time period, then don't hassle. Apply to renew your passport before applying your study visa.

Letter of introduction

This letter comes with study permit which should be shown at the time of arrive in Canada.

Offer letter

It is required to show your admission in Canadian academic institute for your higher studies.

Fund proof

Fund proof or bank statement is required to show that student can complete study and stay in Canada for entailing duration. Students have to show GIC (Guaranteed investment Certificate) as a proof to cover daily expenses in Canada.

Moreover, student may require medical records, reference letter etc so keep all these documents with you in order to avoid any problem. So, these are the required documents to prepare before travelling to Canada. Don't forget to make copies of all the important documents. Leave the copy of your documents with family.

Advance preparation for your travel will guide you to make your study experience a grand success. With a checklist, it is advisable to start early to organize your time.