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How to Choose the right university to study in Canada

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In which university should I study in Canada? Where to start from? These are the questions that bother most of the International students when they plan to study abroad. Choosing the right university is crucial for a bright career, and it becomes a daunting task when it comes to choosing one out of 95 Canadian universities. Even though Canada is renowned for its excellent universities, you should choose one wisely because the knowledge, skills, and experience that you would gain there would pave the path for your future growth. You can make your search a lot easier if you follow the following points.

Decide your study program first

Do not select a university and then choose your study program and later regret your decision. Study what matters you the most. If you do not have a clear idea about your future path, then take the advice from your parents or teachers. For a piece of expert advice, you can contact overseas education experts.

Find out university's ranking and facilities

The next step is to search for a university which offers the study program that you want to pursue. You can start from university rankings. There are many international university ranking sites on the internet, such as QS and THE, and they also rank universities according to subjects. They can come quite handy while narrowing down your university list. Further, you can go to universities' website and find other key factors such as student-teacher ratio, library, infrastructure, employment rate etc.

Check the subjects covered

Next, make sure that they teach all the topics that you want to cover in your chosen study program. Sometimes universities do not include all the subjects under the same name. If you do not know about what subjects you would cover in your study program, then it is recommended to do some research.

Contact students

In today's world, technology is your best friend. Use it to contact the students who are currently pursuing the course in your chosen universities. You can contact them from university community forums or social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Ask them about their study experience, teachers and more.

Check Location

It takes 2-4 years to complete a degree course in Canada. Therefore, it is advisable to check the location of the universities and their proximity to Market, accommodation, transportation, fares, public places etc.

Check Tuition fees and cost of accommodation

Universities may charge differently for the same program, so compare the tuition fees and other expenses that you would have to bear. If you are planning to stay on Campus, then don't forget to add accommodation fees in it. And if you want to look for accommodation outside then go to websites that provide information on PG, Hostels for that location.

Search for Scholarship

Many Canadian universities provide scholarships to new students. Some universities automatically apply for the scholarship on admission while for others you have to apply. Generally, you can find information about them on their websites.

Check Student Support programs

Generally, good universities have a student support program for International Students in which they assist them for a variety of purposes such as orientation, accommodation, transport etc. It can be a great help for you at a new location so don't ignore it.

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