Extend Stay in Canada

Are you dreaming to study and work in Canada? You can make your dream a reality as Canada government has now announced various plans to attract a number of immigrants in the coming three years.

According to the latest reports, one in every five people who are residing in Canada, was not born in Canada. Since 1990, more than six million immigrants have arrived Canada.

Canada considers immigration as a key which can strengthen its economy. Average of young immigrants can help in tackling the challenges faced by an ageing population. According to the report, the ratio of worker-to-retiree is estimated to reach 2:1 by 2036, which was 4.2:1 in 2012.

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The highest admissions target (approx. 48%) for 2021 will be Economic Programs. Its main purpose is to fulfill needs of skilled workers in the labour market.

As Canada is facing low fertility rates with an ageing population so immigration will help to fulfill the labour needs of job market.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2018 of the World Economic Forum, Canada has ranked 12th with a score of 100 in terms of macroeconomic stability.