International Degree Benefits

MFS, i.e. My Foreign Study is one of the most convenient applications to apply for study visa online. If you have a dream to study abroad and don’t have time to visit then this mobile application is for you. This application offers many awesome features such as online chat, apply for study visa online, latest news updations, search college, track your application, upload documents, quick enquiry and feedback. Here we will discuss how a counsellor guides student.

Watch this video to know about steps which should be followed on My Foreign Study application.


After you download the application and sign up, the assigned counsellor will have your details in the walk-in section. Where you will be greeted and requested to upload your academic documents and rest of the details for further process. On the completion of walk-in, you will be moved to the counselling section.


As per your interest, you can add four colleges or universities in this section. The counsellor will verify if you are eligible for the college and course added by you.


In this section you will update your personal details like passport number, name, gender, contact details, city, etc. On the completion of this section you will be moved to the Qualification section.


In this section counsellor checks and verifies all qualification details which are added by you. After this stage, you will proceed to the document section.

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In this section, the counsellor will check the academic and personal documents of the applicant for verification. Once the documents are successfully uploaded, the counsellor will verify the details added by you in the previous sections.


This is the final stage of counselling where the counsellor will update the entire details of a particular applicant. The counsellor will complete the counselling section before sharing the application with the College or University.


In order to pay the application fee, consent will be sent to the applicant for confirmation. Once the applicant confirms it by clicking on the “allow” button, the counsellor will proceed for sharing, receiving and finalizing of the offer letter.


First of all the counsellor requests to open the GIC account in any of the two banks, i.e. Nova Scotia or ICICI Bank. After getting the GIC account open confirmation, GIC requests the applicant to add the required amount in the account. After this the account details are further shared with GIC Team.


After receiving acceptance letter from the college, the counselor notifies last date of fee submission. Once the college fee payment is approved, the counsellor will provide payment receipt to the applicant.


Here the students are requested to undergo a medical examination from panelled doctor and provide medical receipt. After that, medical status is updated by the counsellor.


In this section the application is processed for filing section and counsellor asks to pay the embassy fee.


This is the last stage of the process where the application form is filled and submitted to the embassy along with the required documents. On receiving file lodge confirmation, students are asked to collect the visa on the mentioned date.