Popular Study Destination

Canada is the best study destination to pursue higher education as it provides programs in almost all fields of study. The ultimate goal of education institutes is to provide support and service, making sure the success of the students.

Another reason for choosing Canada as a study destination is that it provides an opportunity to apply for a permanent residency visa without moving out of the country. Also, it’s a fact that Canadian degrees are acknowledged globally and increases the chances of employment all around the world.

Education and Scholarship Facilities

Canada attracts thousands of international students for higher education every year. The International students can gain education in Canada at a low fee compared to other countries across the world. Along with low tuition fees, students also get scholarship opportunities which help in reducing the expenses. Quality of education in Canadian institutes is very high.

Campus Life

Apart from education, there are many other events happening in every university. Universities give great importance to the cultural events as it help to mix with multicultural people. Universities provide an opportunity to every individual where they can stand out from the crowd and represent their talent both in university and country.

Job opportunities

While pursuing studies, the Canadian government allows the international students to take up part time jobs both off campus and on campus. For part time jobs, there is no requirement of the work permit and students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. One can find these off campus part time jobs in hotels, general stores, tutor, hostels, etc. To get placed in top companies, students need knowledge and practical skills.

Research work

Research work is very important for graduate students as it enhances their practical skills. Canadian universities support the students who come forward with their research ideas and they even get scholarship opportunities. Students are allowed to do research in any field as per their interest where they get support of their lecturers in the university. If your research is good, then government and industries also accept the cost of your research.

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Peaceful environment

International students can enjoy the beauty of Canada, while continuing their studies. Canadian beauty attracts large number of tourists each year who visit the startling places, explore the nature, enjoy wildlife and many other amusement parks. One can enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean from the coastal line. International students can take some time to visit neat and clean tourist places in Canada.

Canadian weather

In Canada, you can experience warm summers and very cold winters. During summers the temperature goes as high as 30°C. But during winters the temperature goes as down as -20°C. One can find the height of snow upto 5 to 6 feet. Spring comes with a chilly breeze flowing around. Where autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of Canada. During this season all the leaves of trees and plants start to turn orange or red and makes a beautiful scene to watch.

Canadian culture

Canada attracts large number of immigrants every year. In fact, it has become a home for many international students who come for their higher education. Students are welcomed warmly and get all the comfort which helps them to forget about the fact that they are away from their home. The Canadian people respect each other’s values as well as dignity and ensures that their customs and traditions are preserved.


The Canadians use English and French as their official languages. But now as Canada attracts international students from all around the world, it has become a multilingual country with a number of languages, culture and religions. It is a great exposure for international students as they are surrounded by people speaking different languages. As it is a mixed society, therefore there is no problem of race and color.


The government has played a vital role in providing safety to the international students across the country. Universities also make sure to take the safety measures and health care for their students. In Canada students get to enjoy their freedom and independence with respect to equality, human rights which helps to keep peace in the country. One can get in budget medical insurance in any Canadian hospital.