Canada Post-Graduation work permit Updates : Rules relaxed

Post-Graduation work permit in Canada: Rules relaxed

Canada Post-Graduation work permit Updates : Rules relaxed

The latest post-graduation work permit update has brought significant relaxation for international students. As per the latest update by CIC, from now onwards, international students who typically apply for a PGWP after completing their study programs will not need to remain in Canada while the decision on their PSWP is pending. Moreover, it will not affect their eligibility to work full time once they return. It is a piece of great news for those international students who, after completing their study programs, want to meet their families.

International students can apply for a PGWP within 180 days starting from the day they receive official written confirmation of completion of their study programs. It is worth mentioning here that last year on 14 February 2019, the duration was increased from 90 days to 180 days.

The Post-Graduation Work Permit allows international students to work full-time in Canada for up to three years. It also facilitates the graduates when they apply for permanent residency through the Express Entry System as there are additional points for Canadian work experience.

The idea behind allowing international students to work in Canada is to retain them as skilled workers to strengthen Canada’s economy. Under this program, eligible international students get an open work permit, which allows them to with any Canadian employer.

Post-Graduate Work Permit eligibility requirements

  • International students must have completed their education from a Designated Learning Institute, also known as DLI.
  • The student must have maintained full-time status during his or her academic session, although there are some exceptions for taking leave and final study program sessions. 
  • The student must have received his or her academic transcript and an official letter stating that he or she has met all the requirements to complete their study program.
  • Those students who have completed their studies in Quebec have to meet additional post-graduation work permit requirements as per the policy of the province.

Post-Graduation Work Permit duration

  • The duration of the PGWP depends on the length of the applicant’s study program. Generally, it is issued to students whose study program is more than eight months.
  • If the applicant’s study program is more than 8 months and less than 2 years, he or she may get a PGWP extending up to 2 years.
  • If the duration of the applicant’s study program in Canada is over 2 years, he or she may get a study permit extending up to 3 years.

Students wanting to study in Canada have to obtain a Canada student visa for which they have to demonstrate requested documents, which include a valid passport, academic transcripts, proof of funds, medical certificate, proof of English language proficiency, etc. Depending on the applicant’s case, he may have to show other documents. For more information on the post-graduation work permit and Canada study visa, it is recommended that students contact our study visa experts. Our expert visa counsellors are always ready to help you. you can contact us through our website.