Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada

Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada

In reality, when an international student goes to Canada to pursue his study, he seeks to build his career too. He aspires to explore his PR possibilities to live the life of his dreams, and he can do so because the Canadian government welcomes qualified people. The reason behind this is the population of Canada, which is getting old. Canada needs intelligent people who could help in sustaining its economy. For this, the Canadian government has taken several steps. For example, it has implemented friendly immigration policies. International students who take admission in Canadian universities and colleges can work after completing their study programs, provided they have valid post-study work permits.

Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Validity

The validity of the post-graduation work permit depends on the length of the student’s study program and the decision of the issuing authority.

  • Case I – Duration of the study program is less than 8 months

    If the study program of the student completes in less than 8 months, then he does not get a PGWP.

  • Case II – Duration of the study program is less than 2 years

    If the study program of the student is more than 8 months but less than 2 years, then he may get a PGWP up to the same length as his study program.

  • Case III – Duration of Study program is more than 2 years

    If the study program of the student completes in 2 or more than 2 years, then he may get a PGWP up to 3 years.

Here students must take note of the possibility that if a student completes two diplomas, then he may get PGWP up to the combined length of his diploma programs. Again, the maximum validity of PGWP that he may get is 3 years.

One more thing that has an influence on the permitted time is the validity of the student’s passport. Before issuing a PGWP, the issuing authority checks the validity of the applicant’s passport, and if he notices that the passport is expiring earlier, then he reduces the duration of the PGWP and makes it equal to the validity of the visa of the applicant.

Eligible universities and colleges

Not all education institutes in Canada make international students eligible for PGWP. Students can get a PGWP only if they study in institutes that have DLI number and PGWP status. Students are encouraged to ask about the PGWP status from the institute to which they are applying.

Who can apply for PGWP?

An international student can apply for a PGWP if he meets its requirements. The most significant conditions that are required are

  • He studies for more than 8 months in Canada.
  • He studies in a university or college which has a DLI number and PGWP status.
  • He maintains his full-time student status during his all semesters. (except last semester)

In addition to this, he cannot get the PGWP if he has already received it previously or if he has studied English or French as a second language in Canada. Students can apply for a PGWP within 180 days after completing their study programs.

This was the most valuable information about the post-graduation study permit. If you want to know more about it to explore your career chances in Canada, then meet our consultants who will assist you for the same. You can phone us or contact us through our website.