Top Reasons to Choose Canada for Higher education

Top Reasons to Choose Canada for Higher education

Top Reasons to Choose Canada for Higher education

Do you want to study in a country where you could get quality education? Are you looking to build your career in a country which could bring prosperity in your life? Then consider Canada, The number one higher education destination for international students. With each passing year, the number of international students studying in Canada at the post-secondary level is increasing. By 2018 the number of international students having student visa hit figure 572,415, and it will increase in the future. Although students come from all around the world in Canada, significant contributors are China and India making more than 50% of the total international students. The other countries that contribute to Canada’s International student statistics are USA, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Iran, France, Nigeria, and others. There are many reasons behind the inflow, out of which the most significant ones are discussed below.

Here is the Top 6 Reasons to Choose Canada for Higher Studies

PR and employment opportunities

For the last several years, the Canadian government is encouraging foreign nationals to settle in Canada. It is meeting its goal by various means such as through the Express Entry system, Provincial Nominee Program, and by letting the International students work and apply for permanent residency. The easiest way to be a part of this beautiful country is through education. It gives them enough time to understand the culture, law as well as the opportunities that this land offer to them.

Canada is a big country, and there is not any shortage of Opportunities for talented students. Students can build their career in any field. It is because Canada is looking for brilliant stuff who could contribute to its economy because as the country it is getting old. In fact, many vacancies remained unfilled this year in the first three months.

Quality Education

Why would someone go to a country to earn a degree or diploma if he did not get quality education? More than five hundred thousand students cannot be wrong. The Canadian Education system is robust, and its universities provide an excellent learning environment. Many of them are in World Ranking Systems such as QR, THE, RUR, and others.


Parents would not send students to a country where they do not feel that their loved ones will remain safe. Right? And of course, Canada is one of the safest places on earth. In fact, as per the Global peace index rankings 2019, it is among the top 10 peaceful countries in the world. People are law-abiding and friendly.

Work permit

Another significant reason behind its being a favorite destination among international students is that Canada allows international students to work during their study. It significantly reduces their financial burden and they support their education by working part-time.

Cultural diversity

Where there is a sense of peace, their culture thrives. Canada is a land where one can meet people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. It is a melting pot where different people live and celebrate each other’s festivals. The international students will undoubtedly love its vibrant community.

Living standard

Canada is a technically advanced country, and its people enjoy high living standard. Its cities are clean and have a well-established transport system. Most of the homes have a heating system which keeps them hot in long winters. Many people offer accommodation to international students in their homes where they enjoy Canadian cuisine and culture.

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