Requirement for Masters Degree in Canada

Requirement For Masters Degree In Canada

In this highly competitive global environment, an edge is required to set apart oneself from others. Employers give preference to highly skilled and educated candidate to survive in this cut-throat competition. higher education such as master’s degree can infuse skills and knowledge into students that employers look for, provided they have access to quality education and to fulfil the same objective, many international students take admission in Canadian institutes every year and this trend is gaining momentum in recent year. in 2018 there were 17% more international students in Canadian institutions than in 2017. Nearly, 2,11,000 international students took admission in universities of Canada.

There are many factors behind the popularity of Canada as a study destination. the number one reason is quality education. Canadian universities are known for their contribution to the field of research and innovation. Students get ample opportunities and exposure to hone their skills. Secondly, the study cost is low as compared to other developed countries such as the USA and the UK. Moreover, students can work while studying and manage their expenses. They even get a work permit to work in Canada for 2-3 years. Thirdly, it is a path to permanent residency. With experience in hand, postgraduate students have more points and favourable chances for PR.

However, there are certain requirements for a masters degree in Canada for international students that they must fulfil. Otherwise, they may face difficulties in getting the study visa approval.

Program selection

Course selection is very important because It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent. Even though many times students have an idea about their areas of interest, there is always a room for research and contemplation for the course they want to pursue.

Institute selection

The second crucial thing is institute selection. Generally, students do not have any idea about Canadian universities and colleges. Although, Canadian universities are known for their quality education, even here, one must research thoroughly and find the best university or college. And to make life easier, students can take the advice of our expert immigration consultants.

English language proficiency

Students must have a good grip in the English language to study in Canadian universities. IELTS is a key English test that students generally take to prove their English competency. Every university has different band requirements for the English language. Generally, the minimum overall 6.5- 7.5 bands are required. in addition to this, minimum of 6 bands are required in each module to take admission in Canadian universities.

Other important English language test is TOEFL that students take to complete their English language requirements.


To take admission in Management, Accounting, Finance or any other business-related field, students have to clear GMAT test which is a requirement of many business schools. Likewise, for many other master degree programs require GRE is required.

Minimum qualification

Many universities require a minimum of 16 years of formal education or a bachelor’s degree. In Canada, normally, it takes 4 years to complete bachelor’s program. However, students with 3 years of bachelors’ degree can also apply.

Work experience

For some specific fields, work experience is required. The length of work experience usually depends upon the specific field which may be up to 3 years.

    Visa Requirements for Masters in Canada

Valid passport

Without a valid passport, one cannot study in Canada. Moreover, the visa must remain valid for the entire duration of the course.

The study permits

Students require a study permit to study in Canada. it is different for a visa. it is like a licence to study in Canadian Institutes while you stay there. For study permit you need an acceptance letter, a valid passport and proof of funds to support your stay in Canada.

The acceptance letters

The acceptance letter is also known as an offer letter. It is issued by the Canadian Institute to a student in which the student wants to study.


The statement of purpose describes why the student wants to study in Canada. it helps the visa authorities in clearing the visa.

Financial requirements

Students must have sufficient funds to carry their studies in Canada. They have to prove funds for their study. Moreover, the Canadian government has made it compulsory for students to by GIC certificate which costs 10000 CAD plus service charges usually 200 CAD.

Immigration Medical Examination

International students have to go through a medical examination before coming to Canada. The medical examination is done by empanelled doctors. The empanelled doctor performs the complete medical examination and sends the result to CIC.

Students may require additional documents based on their individual cases. For detail information on required documents and Canada study visa, please consult our study visa professionals.