Extend Stay in Canada

Canada is among the top three places of the world where International students like to study. The most important reason behind this is its academic excellence. With 26 universities in QS World Rankings, Canadian educational institutes provide plentiful research opportunities to the students to acquire knowledge and experience. Moreover, Study in Canada is affordable and within reach. Students can earn while they study which makes it more plausible to study there. The life in Canada is culturally diverse which makes it more vibrant experience to live and study in this land of opportunities. We have listed the study requirements for study in Canada below.

Requirements for Study in Canada

  • The Study Permit: To study in Canada first and foremost a student needs to apply for the Study permit. It is intended for foreign students and it allows them to study at various designated learning institutions. DLIs are those Canadian institutions which have approval from provincial governments to entertain International students. Study permit allows students to study in Canada for the entire duration of the course. Moreover, it also provide additional 90 days to prepare to leave back to their respective countries. During this time one can also apply for more time to stay in Canada.
  • The Acceptance Letter: The student requires to provide the evidence of the acceptance letter provided by the university or college he has applied in.
  • The Statement of Purpose: The statement of purpose is required to declare your intention to visit Canada. It is required to for study permit. The statement must contain the reason to choose the particular university or college.
  • Valid Passport: The student needs a valid passport to study and it must cover the entire period of his study course. It is also required for the study permit.
  • Financial Eligibility Requirements for Study in Canada: The student must be financially solid to cover the entire period of his stay in Canada along with educational and other expenses. Here is the brief summary of these expenses.
    • The tuition fees of the course in which he wants to take the admission.
    • Funds for living in Canada. The student has to meet the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) requirements mentioned by The Canadian Government.
    • Funds for travelling back to his own country.
  • Medical Examinations:The student need to go through Immigration Medical Examination (also Known as IME). Only empaneled doctors can conduct this examination. It is necessary to ensure the physical condition of the student.
  • English Language Test The student must have sufficient knowledge of the English language to study in Canada. For this he must pass test like IELTS to show his proficiency in English. Canadian education institutes also recognize other tests.

In addition to that the student requires photographs if he is applying off-line and a credit card if he is applying online. There may be other requirements involved at various steps.

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