Students Life in Canada

Study in Canada is a wonderful and memorable experience for international students. Surrounded by Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans, this diverse land brings hope and opportunity for thousands of aspirants. Students from all around the world go to Canada to build their knowledge and acquire skills from its world-class institutes. They spend an important phase of their life exploring this multicultural nation through their own eyes. During their journey, they have to adjust to the new environment. It is always beneficial to know about the country before going there.

Know the nation

Canada comes in second place in the world in terms of the area it covers approximately 9.98 million Km2. Contrary to its area, it has just 3.8 Crores population. The climate has a wide range in Canada, in winters, the temperature can dip as low as -25 C and in summers it can rise near 35 C. Canada has four seasons winter, spring, summer and fall. Of course, not all the areas have the same climate. In summers, parries are dry and central Canada is humid. Winters can be very cold except in coastal areas. Despite cold winter, people stay warm thanks to the wonderful infrastructure that help them to stay warm. People are generous and from various ethnicities and they speak French and English. Canadian food is wonderful thanks to French and English roots. You can also find the delicious cuisines of other countries.


Student life in Canada can be hectic in the beginning. When they go to Canada for studies, first and foremost, they search for accommodations, they have a variety of options. They can stay with their relatives if they have any in Canada, which is generally a preferred option because it is always beneficial to stay with someone known in a foreign land. Some students prefer to stay as a paying guest and they get all home like facilities with this option. Alternatively, they also share rooms with other students and that prove handy if they have a tight budget. In addition to this, many institutes provide on-campus accommodation for international students. Sometimes these are in the form of dormitories with shared amenities.

The orientation week

Many institutes assist International students to settle in Canada through the orientation week. The students come to know about important rules and regulations of their institutes. They get the information about their study permit, classes, and semesters. During this week, they come to know about various facilities available in their institutes.

GIC account

After landing in Canada, Students open GIC account as soon as possible. It is a Guaranteed Investment Certificate that they have purchased as a prerequisite (if applicable) before coming to Canada. Students get 2000 CAD initially to meet their accommodation and other requirements.

Study life

students get excellent study experience in Canadian universities and colleges. Classes are interactive and professors are brilliant. They help students in building critical thinking for their respective subjects. Students do not copy assignments from other students as Canadian Institutes are very strict for this matter. In addition to this, students take advice from them for various study related matters. The time spent with friends in their happy and sad moments is really a memorable part of Student life in Canada.

Part-time work

Students work along with their studies. They get 20 hours a week during their semesters and full time in holidays provided they have permission to do so. Many students head toward the food industry to get part-time jobs. Students also take help of job portals to find appropriate jobs. International students require permission to work in Canada without proper permission they can find themselves in trouble.

Social networking

Study in an International campus brings a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and build a social network. It can really be a fun experience. Students get the opportunity to meet other students from different countries. They share their experiences and cultures and some become lifelong friends. They meet Canadian people and mingle with them. Having native friends can prove beneficial during the stay in Canada.

These were the glimpses of student life in Canada. Study in Canada is a fabulous experience. If you want to study in Canada and experience Canadian life with your own eyes then take the guidance of our experienced consultants.