Extend Stay in Canada

Many students have the desire to study in Canada. They want to study there to quench the thirst of knowledge, to rise high in life to fulfill their dreams. They want to see the world from their own eyes and to embrace the new culture. Their desire to get a dream job force them to travel to this country. But many times these dreams remain unaccomplished due to their study gaps and lack of knowledge about it.

Many times students raises their concern in the form of a question such as

  • Is study gap acceptable in Canada?
  • How many years of gap is acceptable in Canada?

First and foremost it is essential to understand this study gap. The term study gap is used when the student who wants to study abroad remains away from his studies for a year or more.

There could be many reasons behind this gap. The most common reasons and possible solutions are given below

  • Health problems: Many times the student needs to take break from his regular studies because of his health related problems. It may be of any kind such as an accident, illness etc.

In case of health problem the student can handle his study gap by providing the testified document of his health.

  • Family situations: There may be a case when the family situation doesn’t allow the student to carry his study further. The student needs to provide his entire time to overcome the situation.

In this case it is important to be open about the situations and provide honest reason and evidence if any to cover study gap.

  • Reappear in exams: Many times the student scores low in their academic exams and to improve marks he reappears in exams or take admission in the same class an this creates a gap year.

Study gap due to re-examination can be handled easily with the proper justification.

  • Job compulsions: In some cases the student goes to job and after year or two he decides that he needs to study more to make his carrier better to earn more for his family members.

When a person decides to study again after a gap, he must produce the evidence of his employment. In this case bank statements of your salary account can come handy.

  • Preparation for Government job: In some cases students waste their years in cracking government jobs and due to high competition they fail to do so and then they plan to go abroad to study in countries like Canada.

Again with the proper justification, this can be handled

Most important thing, the students must keep in mind is that they must remain honest about their study gap. One must not try to mislead the authorities because it may lead to visa refusal.

It is advisable to students to remain away from fraudulent methods of acquiring fake education certificates as it lead to visa refusals. Similarly, fake job experience certificates have the same faith.

The question, how many years of gap is acceptable in Canada, is not an issue. Approval of visa depends entirely on the authorities and they judge it on the merits of the case.

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