Study Benefits

Canada is a land of multicultural environment where students can explore new experiences. Such experiences are helpful for them to enhance their career and financial potential. Canada is one of the top most destinations in the world to live for International students for citizenship, safety, stable political etc. Students have the option of working after completion of their study in Canada. This working opportunity depends on the course duration and course type, which may vary. Usually, students get 20 hours/week during their study by which they can cut their daily expenses on the foreign land.

Do you know about the study visa categories in Canada?

Canadian study visas are processed under three main categories. All the categories follow different process.

  • SPP Category
  • NON SPP Category
  • University Category

SPP Category

The SPP is known as the 'Student Partnership Program'. It is actually a initiative of these two- ‘Association of Canadian Community Colleges’ (ACCC) and visa offices of 'Citizenship and Immigration Canada' in India. This program was introduced with the goal of increasing the number of visas issued to Indian Students for studying in Canadian Colleges.

Here are requirements for applying study visa under SPP Program:

Study Visa of Canada is issued to the students who fulfill eligibility criteria to join Canadian Institutes. Students must have all the required documents before applying Study Visa of Canada in order to avoid any problem. The list of required documents is:

  • Minimum 6.0 overall bands is must. No module should be less than 5.5.
  • Minimum 55% marks for undergraduate programs and 50% for postgraduate courses.
  • GIC, which is known as Guaranteed Investment Certificate of amount $10,000 is mandatory.
  • Student must have a valid passport.
  • Offer Letter from participating College under SPP.
  • Medical Test Report conducted by well-qualified doctors.
  • Payment proof of Tuition Fee.
  • Proof of work experience (if any)
  • Students have option to do part time work during studies.

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NON SPP Category

In non SPP program, student can apply in any International University. Process of application is usual, obtaining visa, documentation etc. The major difference between non SPP and SPP is the document requirement for fund proof of student. Its processing time takes more time because application process is usually lengthy as more detailed documents are required. List of required documents and tips for applying Visa under non-SPP categories are:

  • Offer letter from Canadian academic institute.
  • Minimum 6.0 (overall) bands in IELTS.
  • Income tax return documents of the student or sponser.
  • Visa process is different so it takes time to process.
  • Minimum 55% marks in last academic for undergraduate courses and 50% for postgraduate courses.
  • GIC is not mandatory.
  • Payment proof of Tuition Fee.
  • Students have option to do part time work during studies.

University Category

Each and every University follows a different study visa process under University category. They process the application according to their need. Student applying under this category need to show wide range of funds. Documentation work is also different for different Universities. The list of required documents and tips to apply visa under this category are:

  • IELTS score of 5.5 to 8 overall is required depending upon University.
  • Detailed documents are required.
  • Application process is lengthy.
  • Minimum 55% for undergraduate and 50% marks for postgraduate courses.
  • GIC is not mandatory.
  • Students have options to do part time work during studies.
  • Medical test reports conducted by approved panel of doctors.