Extend Stay in Canada

Canada is a country which a student can opt for their higher studies. Canada has now become one of the best places for global students to get higher studies. Canada is not only one of the safest countries to pursue your higher studies in the world. This country has a wealth of multiculturalism which is very welcoming for foreign students from every part of the world.

Many students are flocking towards Canada every year for their better future. The major fact behind it is that this nation offers globally-valued degree in very affordable fee. So, students get enough support to fulfill their dream of getting international degree.

Why Study in Canada

Many world’s top ranked universities are present in Canada. Students from all around the globe have come Canada to gain the names in their fields. By getting admission in Canada, students will get the chance to work with many sharp minds in the world. Canada gives an interesting style to the students. Depending on your desires and requirements, you need to pick the College or University according to your desires. Graduates from Canadian Colleges or Universities are quite-valued in the international job market.

What to Study in Canada

In Canada, you’ll get a range of topics to pick the desired one. Canadian Universities offer bachelor’s or master’s courses ranging from art history to engineering. The famous courses to study in Canada are as following:

  • Study Economics in Canada
  • Study History in Canada
  • Study Finance in Canada
  • Study Pharmacy in Canada
  • Study Engineering in Canada
Canadian Education System

Education System of Canada includes Colleges, universities, public or private colleges. Canadian education system is divided into the following types:

  • Professional Degree
  • Diploma
  • Associate Degrees
  • Applied Degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate
Test Requirements

TOEFL or IELTS score is an evidence of English proficiency. Depending upon the course type, the band requirements may also vary.


In Canada, there are three intakes- Jan , May and September.

Education cost

Cost of diploma & Advanced Diploma Courses in Canada is approximately CAD$13,000/year according to the course.

Cost of Bachelor’s Degrees is approximately CAD$19,000/year in Canada.

Cost of Post-graduate Degrees in Canada is approximately CAD$22,000.

Work rights

Allowed hours for part time work in Canada are 20 hours/week. Students can work 40 hours/week during vacations. By this part time work, they can cut their daily expenses.