Tips for Effective SOP

SOP or Statement of Purpose is a way to introduce yourself. Usually, it is a long essay with about 1000 words. This long essay describes the career path and goals of the student. Abroad Universities often ask this kind of essay to know about the future goal of the students. Moreover, SOP motivates you to choose the best course or educational institute to achieve your goals. For example, you can represent your personality with the good smile in any gathering when you are unknown for everybody. Same is in the case of SOP for University admission. Although the rules of University or College remain the same but your way to represent yourself can differentiate you from other students.

Universities consider those students on priority who are sincere. So, the Statement of Purpose, SOP is the most important document of your study visa application. Your positive or negative image depends on your way of writing SOP. So, your visa success chances is totally directly proportional to your SOP.

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Tips to Write an SOP

  1. Use the vocabulary and grammar words very carefully in your SOP. Avoid writing long sentences. It is advisable to read some quality articles related to SOP before writing your own SOP.
  2. Don't try to make it so long. 600-700 words are sufficient to describe you, your dreams, your goal and motive to study abroad.
  3. Don't be over smart by copying your SOP from anywhere like Internet. Universities deal students with SOP on daily basis so don't try to copy-paste to make your SOP effective.
  4. If you are including quotes or wordings of any author in your SOP, then don't try to mention his or her name.
  5. Try to answer all the questions, that's too with full honesty.
  6. Give reason to choose that particular course and how that course is going to help you in future.
  7. Don't write the SOP in second or third person as it's your story. So, prefer to write it in first person.
  8. The universities want brilliant students so highlight your academic and extra-curricular achievements in your SOP.
  9. Do your homework.
  10. Be yourself. Avoid creating stories.
  11. Learn to portray yourself indirectly.
  12. Prefer to use conversational tone in your SOP
  13. Get guidance from experts to make your SOP impressive.

What dos and don'ts to include in your SOP?

It is like a challenge to write a Statement of Purpose to apply for foreign Universities. Only an impressive SOP differentiates you from the others.

Students should include these things in their SOPs.

  • Personal/ Financial Background
  • Published Work (if any)
  • Your failure in life
  • Work experience (if any)
  • Extra curricular activities (if any)

Students should not include these things in their SOPs.

  • Family history
  • Details of Academic projects
  • Details of financial status
  • Your accomplishments

Your SOP is the way to represent yourself, your goal to study abroad so it must be clarifying enough to make you different from the crowd.