Visa Rejection Tips

Canada is a beautiful nation which offers opportunity to International students to view the most amazing destinations across the world. The multicultural environment of this country makes travel to this country an enjoyable experience for people belonging to different countries and cultures. So, if you want to pursue your higher studies in Canada, getting hold of a Canadian study visa is a necessity. Canada is becoming the famous education destination for International students day by day.

The first and foremost step to study at a Canadian College or University is to apply for a student visa. But sometimes, students fail to reach Canada because of Visa rejection. To avoid this situation, knowledge of top reasons that lead to visa rejection should be known. Its reason can be more than one depending upon the candidate. Usually, the main pursuant of the IRP Act is considered while approving the visa applications.

Most probable reasons for the rejection of student visa

  1. Lack of sufficient documents
  2. Inability to create confidence that the student would leave Canada at the end of the higher studies.
  3. Any pending criminal case.
  4. Inability to provide proof of your well-settlement in your native country.
  5. The education background is not genuine.
  6. In case, if the candidate had been deported earlier from any country.

Effective tips to avoid rejection of student visa

  1. If you are applying visa for the first time then it is advisable to take help from a well-qualified education counselor. These experts and their experience will help you to fill online visa application with proper steps in a systematic manner.
  2. Proper travel document and passport is must that permits the students to return to their home country after completion of their course.
  3. Original copy of offer letter from a recognized Canadian College or University is compulsory.
  4. Provide enough testimony of financial sources to support your study in Canada.
  5. Don't trust on any kind of myths and choose proper visa category.

Also take care of the following points before moving ahead for further procedure:

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Completion of the application forms

To fill the application form correctly is very important so fill all the necessary information correctly. Provide all the necessary details as even the minutest mistake can lead to the rejection of Canada Visa. So, ensure perfection in your application form and details. If you are filling your application form for the first time so don’t take any kind of risk. Take help from the study visa professionals and experts to avoid this situation of visa rejection.

Documents proving your citizenship of your home country

Canadian study visa seeker should provide all the visa officials with the required documents to ensure that you have enough reasons to come back to your home country after the completion of your course. Moreover, you must also provide documents of your economic and social roots back in your own country so that visa officer can be convinced. If you fail to do so, chances of Canada visa rejection are high. In order to avoid this situation, keep your documents complete with you.

Availing a Canadian study visa is an achievement. So, consider all the tips provided above are important to be followed to get successful Canadian study visa. You are advised to submit as many supporting documents as possible.