Popular Study Destination

Canada is one of the most popular countries for international students to pursue their undergraduate or graduate programs. It attracts large number of international students each year because of relaxed PGWP i.e. Post graduation work permit and immigration schemes. In this article, we will talk about some top courses which international students should choose in Canada to get jobs.

Canadians give huge importance to education and is known for the high standards of education. Canadian degrees are acknowledged all around the world and is highly valued in the international job market. Along with this after the completion of degree, students are granted a Post Study Work Permit for three years during which they can gain valuable international work experience. The most popular courses taught in Canadian education institutes are Pharmacy, animation and petroleum engineering etc. Along with this, it also offers other programs in the bachelor's, master’s and doctorate levels.


This is one of the most popular courses in Canada because of the adequate number of job opportunities. The increase in the number of diseases has led to the growth in the requirement of Pharmacists in Canada.

  • Canada has research institutes and provides quality education at all levels.
  • Canadian students are given internships allowing them to be perfectionists in this field.
  • Canada also provide scholarships and fellowships to students.

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Canada has a huge reputation in the field of animation therefore it's one of the popular courses in Canada. Various companies are Canada based which use animations and effects in award winning films and videos.

  • Canadian universities are offering various courses such as digital films, audio and visual arts in the field of arts.?
  • The universities have designed theater, studio, performance spaces, etc. in order to create a healthy learning environment.
  • They also offer financial aids to students in the form of scholarships, workshops and fellowships.

Petroleum Engineering Courses

This is one of the highest ranked courses in Canada because of up to date technology and various number of resources which are important in this sector. It is one of the highly paid job as this field is very competitive.

  • There are top Colleges & Universities in Canada which offer this program at all degree levels.
  • The students are very well trained to be competitive in the industry along with practical knowledge.
  • The Colleges & Universities also provide various scholarship opportunities for international students.


Canada is considered to be one of the biggest hubs to continue your degree in Biotechnology as it has top universities and research institutes. As there is an increase in the number of diseases and health issues with a comparatively shortage of efficient personnel, therefore Canada has many job vacancies in the field of healthcare. The Canadian educational institutes allow the students to perform research work in this field which enhances their practical skills and knowledge.