University Transfer Programs in Canada

University Transfer Programs in Canada

Canadian universities offer a variety of study programs to students, and their degrees holds excellent value all around the world. Recruiters sitting in big companies recognize them as solid proof of applicants’ knowledge and skills. That is why most of the international students prefer to start their bachelor’s degree directly from a Canadian university. However, many of them become disappointed when they do not gain entry into the university due to admission requirements or non-availability of seats. For them, it is not the end of the road; Many Canadian Colleges have set their standards at par with Canadian universities, and their degrees hold equal value everywhere. Moreover, many Canadian colleges offer options to get transferred to a university through University Transfer Programs.

University Transfer Programs

Many Canadian Colleges and technical institutes have articulations or agreements with universities by virtue of which students can transfer to a university for a degree program. The agreements between them decide which of the college’s study programs are transferable to the university’s degree program. University Transfer Programs are typically available in a variety of fields, which include Web Development, Computer Science, Business, Management, Commerce, Arts, Education, Engineering, Science, and many more areas. In addition to this, University Transfer Programs also allow students to transfer themselves for non-degree programs.

For example, after completing CodeCore’s Advanced Diploma in Business, students can get entry to one of the associated universities to complete their degrees in the area of study they want. They can take admission into the 3rd year of BBA in Sustainability and International Business or Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management at Royal Roads University; or They can have advanced standing for Bachelor of Commerce or Associate of Arts degree at the University of Canada West; or 'likewise, for Bachelor in Business Administration or Bachelors of Integrated Studies, they can get entry at the University of Fraser Valley. In addition to these, there are many other options that they can choose.

Similarly, after completing an Advanced Diploma in Computing Software Development, students can advance their education for Bachelor of Computing Science at Thompson Rivers University and a BSC in Computer Science at the University of Prince Edward Island.

Likewise, at Columbia college, students after completing a first or second year in Arts, Business, Communication, Computer Science, Engineering, Science can take admission to one of several universities.

There are several other Colleges in Canada that provide credit transfer options. For information on them you can contact our visa expert. Next, here are some benefits of starting your higher education journey from a Canadian College.

Benefits of studying in a Canadian College

Explorer Friendly

Many times, students do not know what they want to be in their life, and they usually need time to explore themselves. Canadian colleges provide them with the freedom they required to explore themselves. They can take admission to a diploma program having multiple exit routes and then, after getting more information about related fields, can get transferred to the university for advanced studies.

Small Class-size

Canadian colleges generally have small class sizes, which means their students greater access to instructors and a lot of attention from their professors.

Competitive Tuition fees

Taking admission directly to a Canadian university can be an expensive choice for some international students. They can lessen their financial burden by first completing the relevant part in a College.

To know about the best Canadian educational institutes and apply for your Canada student visa, you can contact our visa experts.