Why studying in Canada is the Best Way to Immigrate to Canada

Why Studying in Canada is the Best Way to Immigrate to Canada

Why studying in Canada is the Best Way to Immigrate to Canada

Canada attracts thousands of foreigners who want to live a better and prosperous life. In 2018, around 321,121 immigrants got Canada PR, which is 34642 immigrants more than its previous year. The Canadian government is allowing immigrants to settle in Canada because the ageing of its population is severely impacting its economy. There are multiple ways to gain entry and live in Canada. Some of the most used methods are Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, and by becoming an international student. Applying for permanent residency after studying in its university or college is considered the best way to get PR. There are reasons behind this, which we have discussed here.

Post-graduation work permit (PGWP)

The number one reason why international students choose Canada to study in is that they get a chance to work in Canada after completing their degrees or diplomas. However, the period that they get depends upon the duration of their study program. Generally, The PGWP is only allotted to those who take admission in such a course that is no shorter than eight months. Those whose study programs complete in 8 to 2 years can get PSWP whose maximum validity may get equal to their study program. Students who take admission in the diploma or degree programs that are longer than two years gain the maximum benefit as they may get PGWP up to 3 years. However, they must complete their studies throughs "Designated Learning Institutes". DLIs are universities and colleges which has permission on host international students. Moreover, some courses do not make you eligible for PSWP, such as English or French learning programs and self-improvement programs. Therefore, it is advisable to you that you choose your study program carefully. For this matter, you can contact our study consolers.

Working during a study program

Studying in Canada is also beneficial because the Canadian government allows international students to work while they complete their study programs. The permission to work 20 hours a week can prove to help gain valuable experience, earn money, and to build a professional network which can come handy when you apply for full-time work after completing your studies.

Get the experience of Canadian lifestyle

When you go and study in Canada, you give yourself enough time to immerse yourself in the Canadian lifestyle. You get to learn about their culture, their way of living, cuisine, and rules and regulations. You get the first-hand experience of the Canadian lifestyle that can help you in deciding whether you would like to live in this country or not. And even if you choose not to live in Canada, you have a Canadian degree in hand that can draw excellent job prospects anywhere in the world.

Even IRCC considers international students the best suitable candidates for Canadian PR. According to Mr. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, “As most international students are young, have Canadian educational qualifications and in-demand labor skills, and are proficient in one of our official languages, they are often ideal candidates for permanent residency.”

To get assistance in obtaining your Canada study visa and to know about the best colleges and universities which can open the door to a bright career in Canada, contact our experience Canada study counselors through our website.